Thursday, 14 October 2010

Best lunch/snack EVAR

Okay guys. This snack is awesome, healthy and super delicious. The only downside is the price. As smoked salmon is frickin expensive in most stores.

You need:
Some slices of bread.
Iceberg lettuce.
Smoked salmon.

1. Toast 2 slices of bread.
2. Put coleslaw on top of one slice.
3. Put the letuce on top of the coleslaw so it sticks on a bit.
4. Add smoked salmon.
5. Add last slice of bread on top.
6. ????
7. PROFIT!!!

Inexperienced Drummers

I play bass in a semi-professional band that does occasional theater shows. We make the music for a group of dancers who dance on our tunes.
The problem is, about a year ago, the original drummer left. And ever since we have been looking for drummers. Some good ones came but couldn't find the time, others didn't like the concept and others were just too young. 
We are now playing with a younger girl who doesn't have that much experience yet.
She has talent but just doesn't know the stuff that you get from playing together a lot. And this is really annoying some times. We are supposed to play in an old stylish theater in half a month and some don't think it will be good enough.
I just don't want to give a bad show to people who pay 10 euros to see us.

Do you guys and gals make music?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Huge Alternative Pokemon Time

Doctor Who.


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